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It architects

We will create your digital world!

Software architecture means the design of organisation, structure and names of website sections, intranets and software in order to support the best usability possible. It is a new discipline aimed at transferring the principles of architecture design into the “digital world”.

What our architects will do in your company:

  • analysis of organisation processes,
  • keeping the procedural, user and technical documentation,
  • formulation of data structures,
  • selection of technologies and application frameworks,
  • application of the most suitable solutions,
  • abstraction of processes,
  • diagram design,
  • test specification,
  • specification of requested software and hardware.

Test managers

By testing to perfection!

The more complicated the software, the more important the testing; the tester’s task is therefore to look for errors in the software application. Depending on the software type and functionality, there are different methods of testing used, e. g. functional or stress tests, or security tests. Software is tested internally within alpha phase and is made available within beta testing to persons from external environment.

Our test managers provide these services:

  • preparation of testing strategy or plan,
  • creation of testing scenarios for manual and/or automated testing methods,
  • preparation of test cases,
  • programming of scripts/tests for automated testing,
  • testing itself: functionality, performance/stress, security, usability,
  • detection and isolation of errors,
  • reporting of detected errors, their analysis or interpretation.


Ask us any question!

We offer varied consulting services that you can use in each phase of the project – in the design phase, but also during software implementation itself. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Database specialists

Borrow our specialists!

Does your company need a database specialist for a specific project? Save costs related to hiring a new employee – our data spacialists are available to you for the period you need to cover.

The list of services that our specialists provide:

  • administration of databases, their users and rights
  • installation of databases or database applications and their new versions
  • migration of data between SW applications
  • analysis and design of data models
  • optimization of data models, queries and saved procedures
  • backup and monitoring
  • cooperation with operational application administrators and their support
  • participation in IS development in the field of database systems.

Software developers

We are software gurus!

In case that software development requires deployment of our experts directly in your company, we will create a team able to solve the situation directly on the spot.


  • saving costs,
  • individual approach directly on the spot,
  • highly specialised work,
  • assistance with solving specific requirements,
  • full control of work processes.

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