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Our company builds on fair communication with its clients and the quality of delivered products. To understand your requirements and to offer an optimal software solution for your business, using modern technology, is what we do.

Our qualified team provides complex services in the area of software development, implementing network solutions and IT consulting. We are able to cover the custom software development during the whole lifecycle – from specification through analysis, design, implementation to putting to operation and maintenance.

We deliver incremental versions and constantly communicate with customers in all stages of project cycle in order to ensure early detection of any weaknesses. Costs as well as time for application of changes and new functionalities to products are therefore significantly reduced.

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Seges company was founded in 2006 by a team of experiences professionals from different areas of software product development. In developing software solutions, it is crucial for us to meet the demands of our clients to the greatest possible extent and to deliver quality solutions for both Slovak and foreign markets.


Young Innovative Entrepreneur of 2012

In 2012, our efforts have been noticed by public and one of the founders of our company, Ladislav Gažo, was awarded the title of Young Innovative Entrepreneur.

Start-up of 2008

Only two years after Seges company was founded, we were awarded the Start-up of the Year prize, which is awarded regularly by the company Ernst and Young to best businesses of previous period.

Working with the community

We managed to start a Facebook group for users of Java programming language – Java User Group Slovakia, which we run until today. Apart from that, we co-founded, started and organised for a long term a community called Meet up GDG Slovakia for people interested in Google technologies and Google APIs. We also successfully started a community called Meet up Docker Bratislava which we still help to organise.

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